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SUPER WELL DONE to the Women’s Epee team for winning a SILVER MEDAL at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships that took place in Largs, Scotland from 10 – 15 November 2014. The team (as on the pic): In front: Tammy Carfoot and Juliana Barrett and back: Gisele Vicatos and Daniella Klonarides.


Congratulations to Juliana Barrett for winning an individual Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships that took place in Largs, Scotland.


Gauteng Open will take place on 6 and 7 December in Orlando, Soweto. Visit the local competition site for more information.


SA fencing is very proud of our representatives on various FIE committees:

Novak Perovic – member of the FIE executive committee

Irina Knysch – member of the FIE referee commission

Gennady Tyshler – member of the FIE coaches council


Welcome to the official on-line home of the SA Fencing (previously the South African Amateur Fencing Association - SAAFA). Here you will find information about the sport of fencing in South Africa. We are very proud of our fencers (who are all amateurs) and who competes both locally and internationally.

South African fencers have competed in the Beijing and Athens Olympic Games as well as World Championships on junior, senior and veteran level. We even have a veteran world champion! South African fencers also compete in Commonwealth fencing championships as well as African fencing championships. There is a national ranking competition series where fencers of all provinces and all ages compete.

For our fencers - you will find information about upcoming competitions, current rankings and selection criteria.

SA Fencing is also involved in developing fencing in South Africa and we have already started several high performance centres to prepare our athletes for possible competition at the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.