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Mark Howitt
Phone: 082 496 1800

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Limpopo Fencing Association was established in 2006. The first club “EreSabel” was established by Uwe Schrӧder in Mokopane, in May 1996. In 2006, and 2012 other clubs where opened: Firebird Fencing Club, Polokwane; Raven Fencing Club, Polokwane, Musina Fencing Club, Musina. Limpopo was affiliated with the Fencing Federation of South Africa and the Limpopo Provincial Sports Confederation in 2013, until then the clubs where affiliated with the then Northern Gauteng Fencing Association.

Although a small fencing province Limpopo has had (1999 – 2016) 8 Athletes that have been awarded the “King Protea” RSA National Colours. They have represented South Africa in various International Fencing Championships: Africa, Commonwealth and World both in the age categories of Cadets, Junior and Senior in all three weapons, Epee, Foil and Sabre.

We just recently met an old Fencer (once a Fencer always a fencer) who brought their grandchildren to a club and we found out that there was a fencing club back in 1977 in Tzaneen. We would like to know more, please contact us if you recall or if you fenced at the club with any information about the club, Coach or fencers, even a photo or two from those days would be greatly appreciated.

EreSabel Fencing Club

EreSabel Fencing Club

Club Contact
Andrew Howitt
Phone: 072 997 8585
Venue: Mokopane
Training days: Mon 4pm – 7pm & Wed 4pm – 6pm
Private lessons can be arranged if these times are not suitable.
Disciplines: Epee, Foil, Sabre

Firebird Fencing Club

Firebird Fencing Club

Club Contact
Tersia Goosen
Phone: 073 450 2224

Venue: Polokwane, Sports Hall
Training days: Tues & Thurs
Training times: 6pm – 8pm
Disciplines: Epee, Foil